Wuthering Heights inspired elopement shoot

We have spoken about the power of golden hour photography in past posts, but Federico Lanuto Photography really brings to life a classic romance novel which has inspired many a movie and tv series. Wuthering Heights is a tale of two different worlds colliding and creating an epic love story, full of intense romance which is Inspired by the romantic Italian countryside. This beautiful elopement shoot leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! Enjoy our little piece of sunshine for you today.

Alessandra from Le Petit O says “When we first decided to shoot in Punta Aderci this beautiful place on the coast of Abruzzo, I got the feeling it was an Italian version of Ireland. That’s why the mood board immediately wrapped around the romantic idea of a Wuthering Heights’ Elopement atmosphere, more contemporary but still fascinating and quite passionate. With Federico Lanuto Photography and Matteo Velluto Films we decided to shoot at sunset, to enjoy a beautiful tangerine light, able to make everything more precious and summery. For the stationery, I asked Bee In Love to create something poetical, inspired by nature and devoted to it. The green enhancing the grass and the fields, the deep blue of the sea, the dirty white of the sand and some blushing pink matching the sky were our palette and the base for picking up flowers and leaves to enrich the table scape.”

We would like to say a special thank you to all the wonderful suppliers involved in bringing this Wuthering heights inspired shoot alive. It has truly warmed our hearts.


Photography: Federico Lanuto Photography

Planning and styling: Le Petit O

Videographer: Matteo Velluto Films

Stationery: Bee In Love

Rings: D&D Artigiano Orafo

MUA: Daniela Fasciani


Thanks for Reading 

Hannah x


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