With the potential change to wedding venue licensing laws, your options on where and how to get married have just sky rocketed through the roof, there really seems to be no limits to how and where you can now tie the knot. With this law change comes a surge of new fun and inspirational outdoor wedding spaces for you to choose from.

Liz Gatherer from Wedition explores a few fun things for you to do at your outdoor wedding.

Be sure your guests don’t miss any of the fun things at your outdoor wedding…

You may have a host of fun outdoor activities for your guests planned, they may be all in one area or they may be spread out across your outdoor wedding venue. If you are having Wedition at your wedding (think of it like a very special souvenir brochure for your day) then this will be the ideal way to include a map of the venue, indicting where all the activities are based as well as any game rules, score sheets, tips on how to make the most of the activities and you may even have a story behind each game. For example, Wedition customer’s S and R had an outdoor skittle ally at their wedding at Basing House in Hampshire, this was in fact the very game they played on a works do which is when they realised that they should be more than just colleagues, suddenly, this game was not only a fun thing for their guests to do at their wedding, but it was a link to the very beginning of their wedding story and Wedition was able to bring this story to life for their outdoor wedding guests.

Wedition hot tip:

When choosing a theme for your wedding, take inspiration from your story and incorporate this into your day, perhaps a favourite holiday spot or the location of your first date will immediately inspire you with theming ideas.

Photo courtesy of Red on Blonde Photography

Bouncing balls and bubbles, a fun addition to any outdoor wedding…

There’s nothing I love more than coming up with fun ideas and tiny touches for my couples to plan into their day. Wedition couple Rhona and Mark had a stunning outdoor ceremony at Wasing Park in Hampshire. They placed pots of bubbles underneath their outdoor wedding ceremony seats, (in particular the seats closest to the aisle) and as they walked down the aisle as the new Mr and Mrs Wilkins, their guests blew bubbles for them, this made for some fabulous photos with lots of smiles and laughter!

This clever couple also wanted to provide some fun activities for the small handful of children who were attending this mostly adult only outdoor wedding. They provided space hoppers! The children had a wonderful time, bouncing on the space hoppers, running around, and of course making the most of any leftover bubbles.


Wedition hot tip:

Relish every moment and take your time as you exit, giving a high five to guests will add to the fun!

Wedding bouncy castle for a fun outdoor wedding…

Having just talked about bouncing on a space hopper, it only feels natural to mention the incredible wedding bouncy castle available through our friends at Twilights Entertainment! Yes, it is a thing, and it is becoming more and more popular at outdoor weddings! There is a difference between bouncy castles at a children’s party and bouncy castles for weddings, not just in colour and style, but adult bouncy castles will be able to withstand the weight of around 8 – 10 adults who due to alcohol consumption, may well be bouncing extra high! A wedding bouncy castle is perhaps best used during the drinks reception as it will still be daylight and it is a great time filler whilst the happy couple will be having their special photos with their photographer. You may wish to have it packed away later on in the day as, after the meal, guests perhaps will not fair too well on a bouncy castle having a full belly of food and perhaps will have consumed more alcohol.

Wedition hot tip:

Not all outdoor wedding venues will allow a wedding bouncy castle due to their venue’s insurance policy or for health and safety concerns, be sure to check with your outdoor wedding venue that you are allowed a bouncy castle before you pay any deposits which may be non refundable.

Photo courtesy of Lemontree Photography

Having a caricature as a fun addition to your outdoor wedding…

Perhaps it’s the creative side of me, but I absolutely love caricature artists, what a fun addition to your outdoor wedding and a great piece of artwork for your guests to take home with them to remember your day by. A caricature artist is able to easily move around your outdoor wedding and capture many wonderful elements of your day, from couples posing together to children playing, they certainly make a great addition to any day.

Wedition hot tip:

Perhaps you’ll ask your caricature artist to draw a picture of the pair of you, beaming as you are newly married, and you you can use this picture on the thank you cards which you send out to your guests after your wedding, it will certainly make them smile and look back on your day fondly.

Photo courtesy of Funky Photographers

Having giant games at your outdoor wedding…

I think couples planning an outdoor wedding often love to include plenty of fun elements into their day, for this reason giant games will always be a big hit with outdoor wedding couples, there are so many to choose from too! Self run games such as Jenga, Connect 4, Ker Plunk and chess are usually really cost effective to hire and most suppliers will offer great rates if multiple games are booked.

Larger games such as inflatable human table football will cost a bit more as they require a staff member to run and manage the game. You may like to consider giant Scalextric, bucking bull rodeo, bungee football/basketball, bungee run, side stall games (such as tin can ally, coconut shy), laser tag and gladiator joust. The opportunities for giant games for outdoor weddings are in fact rather vast!


Wedition hot tip:

If you are having multiple games at your wedding you may wish to include scoresheets for your guests to fill out inside their Wedition, or perhaps a venue map to be sure your guests know where everything is.

Get creative with confetti at your outdoor wedding…

Surely no wedding is complete without confetti? Really make the most of your confetti and turn it into a decorative feature. Set up a ‘petal bar’ with dried petals or paper in different hues for your guests to mix and make their own confetti (picture a pick n mix sweet table but with confetti instead)! Take your creativity one step further and ask you photographer to capture an epic confetti shot like Samantha and Garion did on their wedding day at The Ravenswood ,East Sussex (pictured). You may also like to use confetti cannons to fire your confetti up really high to make it fall in an incredible confetti shower.

Wedition hop tip:

Ask your wedding party to tip off your guests on how to throw confetti. Most guests will throw confetti directly at the wedding couple so they get hit in the face with it, confetti looks fabulous when it is thrown above the wedding couple’s heads so that it will softly rain down on them, this also makes for a better photograph.

Photo courtesy of Balance Photography

Fun outdoor wedding ideas – embrace the British weather!

It goes without saying that the British weather is rather unpredictable. My advice for any couple, try not to have any particular expectations for the weather on your day. This avoids disappointment. My own wedding in October was clear blue skies and sunshine yet we were expecting rain. Stunning Wedition couple Zoë and James married in August and I’m sure most people would have been looking forward to warm weather and clear skies. It in fact rained heavily for the entire day, but Zoë and James, the fabulous fun loving couple that they are, were certainly not going to let wet weather dampen their day, they headed straight outside, Zoë carrying a gorgeous wedding umbrella, and they then proceeded to splash in the puddles, lovingly holding each other under a shelter, posing not just by the fountain, but in the fountain! Their wet weather wedding photos are absolutely incredible!

Wedition hot tip:

When planning your outdoor wedding details, it certainly would be a good idea to have a pretty pair of wellington boots and an umbrella, just in case. For hot weather weddings, this is something you can usually predict in advance, if it does seem as though it will be a particularly hot day then you can order some pretty lace effect fans and you may also like to consider an ice cream cart or Pimms bar to cool your guests down.

What fun things will you have at your outdoor wedding?

As you can see, the opportunity for fun things to have at your outdoor wedding really is vast and I have only just mentioned a small handful of ideas. 
If you have some great activities in mind, why not get in touch with the team at  The Outside Bride and let them know what you have planned!

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by Liz Gatherer, company owner and creative director at Wedition.

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