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We can probably all agree that tradition needs to step aside for modern-day weddings. Here, the Speechy wordsmiths reveal how to make sure your wedding is filled with creativity and individuality when it comes to the wedding speeches.

The venue, the colour scheme, the centerpieces – let’s face it, there’s plenty to think about when you’re planning a wedding. With all of this, there seems to be a common consensus which often restricts us from making decisions that would make us happiest on the big day. Guilt-tripped into inviting your annoying and slighted perverted co-worker Steve? Mother-in-law giving you ‘body shape’ advice at a dressing you definitely did NOT invite her to? Let’s just stop it.

The speeches are, of course, one of the most etiquette-laden aspects of a wedding. They’re generally assigned as a ‘boy’s job’, and often relegated as a must-do chore rather than something to enjoy. Worst of all, the speeches are filled with clichés and platitudes that are often predictable and tedious. Help – we need more wine!

Well the good news is, there’s really no need for the wedding speeches to be anything other than blooming brilliant. In fact, we reckon they should be the epicentre of the day; guaranteed to add a magical moment and make the people you care about feel genuinely cherished.

Here at Speechy, we are all about making sure those wedding speeches add that essential dose of personality and humor that all great occasions need to make them awesome. Compiled in a list of DO’s and DON’Ts, here are a few ideas to ensure your speeches really say something unique and innovative at your wedding.

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Do- Shake up the line up…

If you want to go down the traditional route of having the father of the bride, best man, and the groom performing the speeches, then that’s great. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to get you to question your decision. Also, remember that you don’t just have to go with the female ‘equivalents’ of the male speakers– think inventively. Young children and elderly relatives can really add a quirky and humorous twist to your special day!

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Don’t- Go for cringe…

Avoid words like ‘soulmate’ or beautiful’ – they’re so overused. Is your partner a library lover, technology fiend or devoted foodie? Nailing their individual and quirky characteristics shows that you ‘get them’ and friends and family will love you for it. The rule is … if your speech could be used by another bride talking about theirpartner, then scrap it! We need to get a real sense of the person you love.

Do- Consider a joint wedding speech…

It’s something different to consider; a joint Mr & Mrs Speech. Delivering a speech together shows you’re an equal partnership; one that can quickly establish a comedy double act and get guests laughing. It’s definitely something they’ll remember, and we bet you’ll enjoy the rehearsal too!

Don’t- Clump all of the speeches together…

Let’s face it: how many times have we all sat through 45 mins to an hour of speeches at a wedding that just made us all check our news feeds. They can be long, boring, and yawn-inducing – but they don’t have to be that way. Mix it up, and schedule one between each course of the wedding meal so people aren’t left waiting to eat or chat to each other. Remember it’s a wedding, not a seminar.

Do- Have fun with it…

So many potentially great wedding speeches have been ruined by getting too caught up in how to deliver it, or whether it’s “good enough”. As long as you don’t make a PowerPoint presentation and keep the run-of-the-mill compliments to a minimum, it won’t go as bad as you think!

Even if you mess up your lines, just smile through it. People will be rooting for you, and smiling is infectious – it’s been proven by scientists and they know their stuff.

As we always say, don’t feel restricted by tradition or what you’ve seen at weddings before. Think about what works uniquely for you, your partner and your wedding guests and you’re more likely to create an awesome moment – something your guests will remember for a long time.

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And finally…

If you want to add an awesome moment to your day, enlist the services of the team of TV scriptwriters at Speechy. As well as innovative speech templates, our team can edit your speech (and transform it into something brilliant) or you can even work with one of our writers on your very own bespoke speech.  

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