Todays spirit of adventure shoot was created by an amazing team of wedding professionals to inspire all of the free-spirited, intrepid couples out there looking to break away from standard wedding conventions and expectation. Jo Daye from Accent Events tells us more about the concept…

Who knew that liking a photo on an instagram would take me on an adventure? In my case it got me an invitation for coffee to meet Nicki and then a couple of months down the line we find ourselves on a farm, with a private airstrip, a vintage caravan and a horse named Oakley.  Not to mention the incredible bunch of creatives who came together to make my Spirit of Adventure photo shoot come to life as a phenomenally vibrant and energised experience.  This has to be one of the happiest days so far. 

The purpose of this shoot is to inspire unconventional couples of all ages that still hold the spirit of adventure in their hearts.  Who want to say “I love you” their way, in a location that gives them the joy and mood for committing to each other. They want fun, laughter, and to feel connected to their surroundings without distraction and to have the freedom to take off to wherever they please or to dream of their next great adventure.

Nicki’s style of photography was the perfect choice, there is a wonderful quality to the images, it’s like having the most luxurious magazine in your hands and flicking through the pages, yet the story is so very believable and real it jumps out at you, every texture and emotion oozes from each frame – there is joy and fun much needed in our busy world.

Our venue for the shoot was another of those meant to be situations.  Last year Nicki shot the wedding of Charlotte and Rob on their private farm in Willingham, Cambridgeshire. It is perfection.   It is seriously a planner’s dream of orchard gardens, fields of yellow rapeseed flowers, hay bales, corrugated iron textures, and to top it off small aircraft ready to jet our interpid couple to anywhere their hearts desired!

We started the shoot in the orchard gardens, Gemma, Sylvia and Becky had decorated the wooden arch, which was left in place from Charlotte and Rob’s wedding last year.  Sylvia has her own field to grow seasonal flowers, for the compositions for our shoot she used the dried out flowers from last season.  The pale gold of the pampas grass feature mixed with pops of orange against the white-grey sky were striking.

We decided to have two looks for Bambi, the mustard yellow dress really rocked with the beautiful meadow bouquet and the style of the skirt gave freedom of movement, which allowed for lots of twirling, riding bareback on a horse and sitting cross legged on the grass. The cream dress was more playful and we loved how this mood came across in the swing and airplane shots, it also gave a contrast to the different surfaces around the farm.

The decision not to have traditional wedding clothes was so that our intrepid couple could jet off, ride off or drive off to wherever they wished. Even to the local book cafe for inspiration as to where next.

Bambi’s makeup and hair were purposefully kept natural and carefree thanks to Samantha Kay.  Bambi’s her hair is long and wavy which was in keeping with the relaxed style of the shoot.  The hair ornament was designed especially for the shoot by Mandy of Ritz and Sass, captured the detail of spring flowers with delicate gold detail. 

Spring days are for walking through tall grass and trees and scrumptious picnics.  Thanks to Sally at The Bea’s Teas who prepared a grazing board of delicious treats, a sweet and savoury combination of cheeses, fruits, honey, crackers and the most delightful and delicious mini victoria sponge cakes beautifully decorated with edible flower and later consumed by us! Grass picnics have a nostalgic feel to them, tapping into our childhood memories when we were carefree and everything was an adventure.

Many thanks to the massively talented team of creatives that were involved in making this spirit of adventure shoot a reality…

Much Love

Emily xx


Photographer Nicki Shea Photography

Wedding Planner and Concept Accent Events

Florist Flowers at Fifty Eight

Stylist The White Emporium

Wedding Cake and Catering The Beas Teas

Hair and MUA Make Up By Sam Bridal

Hair Piece Ritz and Sass

Outdoor Venue Private residence Cambridgeshire

Indoor Venue The Book Warren Cafe

Bride Bambi

Groom Neil

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