From the second the preview landed in our inbox from Laura Palacios we just knew that we had to share the stunning wedding of Rebeca and Austin. Everything about this wedding just screams about how much family means to them and the family shots on the beach you’re about to see will make your heart melt. Held at the North Beach Clubhouse in Narragansett, Rhode Island, every element of day sympathetically dips its hat to the ocean backdrop, from the floating blue skirt that Rebeca wore to the detailing in the cake and stationery. Please do take a moment to sit and enjoy this beautiful wedding, it will certainly make you smile as much as I have..

Tell us briefly how you both met as a couple:

We met while I (Rebeca) was home for the summer from college and soon became pretty inseparable. The summer became fall, fall to winter, and the love just kept growing.

Tell us a little bit about the proposal:

Austin proposed on top of Mount Tom in Massachusetts after we hiked the mountain. We stopped at an amazing overlook. He was behind me and he put his arms around me. He opened the ring box and asked if I would marry him. This was after 6 years together. It surprised me how nervous he was. It was adorable.

Did you have a specific theme for your day?

 We wanted to play up the natural background that was the beach and the ocean. I would say the theme was probably beachy boho but mostly just letting the setting speak for itself.

Who did your make-up and hair?

My hair was styled by Shantel Keeley Antonelli from Platinum Salon, Pawcatuck. My make up was by Elizabeth Dawn

Tell us a little bit about your dress and its details:

My outfit came from Sweet Caroline Styles and was designed by Caroline Kohler. The style was a Tennyson skirt which was hand painted. It is truly a one of a kind work of art. I had this skirt in my head for over 2 years. I almost purchased a dress that was a quarter of the price but didn’t give me joy. I asked my sister in law “how do I know how much to spend on the dress” and she simply said, “you spend the money, you buy THE dress.” And that’s what I did and I will never ever regret it.

Could you give us a little detail about any of your accessories?

I wore simple pearl studs that I borrowed from my step mom. With a skirt like that and the high neckline of my lace top, I wanted ridiculously simple jewellery. My hair was in this really flowing loose braid that sort of evolved throughout the night with the wind and dancing and really I didn’t think additional accessories were needed. My shoes were only worn 10 minutes out of the whole day.

What did Austin wear?

Austin wore a Men’s warehouse Paisley & Gray Slim Fit Suit, in two-tone Blue Chambray

Tell us a little bit about your wedding party…

We had a pretty big wedding party. Our daughter Delilah (age 6) was of course the flower girl, a job that she took very seriously. Our son Silas (age 2) did his best to participate but just wanted mommy. 

The bridesmaids all wore white/cream tones. They each picked their own dresses, some out of their closet that they already owned. I didn’t want the presence of a big wedding party to distract from our natural background, which is why I chose that colour scheme for the girls. The guys wore suits matching the groom in shades of blue with a little texture to them. They wore solid navy satin ties. With my skirt being hand painted in an almost tie dye effect, I didn’t dare introduce patterns anywhere else in the wardrobe.

Could you describe your ceremony and details?

The ceremony was on a gorgeous deck overlooking the ocean. We wanted to keep it short sweet and intimate. Rebeca’s brother officiated. The bridesmaids walked down the aisle to the song Bright by Echosmith, which was purposefully upbeat. We had vows that we wrote to our children as well as to each other. We asked our guests to hold hands with their loved ones. It was just really beautiful.

What about your reception venue?

The reception was held right there at the North Beach Clubhouse. It really was the perfect low key New England beach venue.

Flowers and Florist details:

The bouquets were done by local florist Alexis Parker, owner of Stems and Petals.

What was your cake like?

The cake was created by Miss Vegan, a baker from Providence, Rhode Island. The cake had a similar watercolor affect to that of my skirt.

Other details and decor, were there any personal touches?:

Our stationery was bought from The Lit Paper co. We also used alot of raw gemstones and agate in the decor, as well as Crystal’s and a few smudge sticks.

The most personal touches were the hand painted signs created my sister in law, artist Andrea Lewin. She also customized each individual agate slice place setting.

What did you do for food?

I am vegan, Austin and our guests were not. So we did need to find vendors to accommodate both. Luckily we had a perfect local option, Crazy Burger in Narragansett Rhode Island, for appetizers and dinner. For dessert we had a Providence, Rhode Island favourite, Like No Udder, come with their ice cream truck. B&M Catering took care of the bar.

What did you do for entertainment?

 We had a DJ out on the deck under a pretty tent with fairy lights.

Did you work within a Budget? If so how did you allocate it?

Yes we worked within a budget. We were paying primarily ourselves so needed to keep it pretty small. We are a one income household while I am a stay at home mom to our children. We did not want to go into debt and didn’t feel we needed to in order for it to be perfect.

Where did you save money and how did you splurge?

 We saved money by choosing a small venue and then bringing in all the individual vendors, rather than an expensive wedding venue who does it all for you. We shopped local wherever possible and on many big ticket items, were able to get some “friend” discounts by knowing some really talented people. The biggest splurge was the wedding dress. We decided sort of last minute to hire a videographer and we were so glad we did that.

What are your top tips for other couples getting married outdoors?

 Plan for the unexpected but also just be prepared to go with it. Keep everyone in the loop. My hairstylist worked with me on a style that would allow for wind without it getting ruined. We went into it knowing it was going to get swept away but would still look really cool. Splurge on a photographer if it means getting someone who knows how to shoot outdoors under any circumstances, and who knows about lighting. Our photos were just amazing and that wasn’t by chance. Laura was highly skilled..

We would just like to offer a massive, heartfelt congratulations to Rebeca and Austin. It looked like an absolutely beautiful day.


Much Love

Emily x

Supplier Credits

Photographer Laura Palacios

Venue North Beach Clubhouse

Stationery Lit Paper Co.

Dress Sweet Caroline Styles

Grooms attire Paisley and Gray

Cake Miss Vegan

MUA Elizabeth Dawn

Hair Shantel Keeley Antonelli

Florist Stems and Petals

Caterer Crazy Burger

Ice cream truck Like No Udder

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