An outdoor wedding definitely needs an outdoor engagement shoot! There are so many reasons why engagement shoots are brilliant and, when you add in a fabulous outdoor location, they get even better. If you love the great outdoors, here’s why you absolutely need to plan an amazing outdoor engagement shoot.

Let’s start with talking about why an engagement shoot is a great idea. Firstly, it gives you time in front of the camera before your wedding day. This is absolutely invaluable because you’ll become more comfortable having your photo taken, you’ll be able to try out different poses and looks and your photographer will be able to learn more about you. Then, when you see the photos after the shoot, you’ll know that working with your photographer really works! This will give you more confidence on your wedding day and you’ll be able to relax which, in turns, gives even better photos so it’s a win-win situation!


Of course, you’ll also get some fantastic photos from your engagement shoot. These look great on save the date cards or even printed and displayed in your home. We all take photos all the time but professional photos give you something else entirely and these images do deserve pride of place in your home.

So, what do you need for an outside engagement shoot? Well, first on the list has to be a great location and luckily, we’re spoilt for choice. Think about the style of images that you want – do you want a backdrop that’s similar to your wedding or do you want something different? Is there a location that’s special to you or does the season lend itself to somewhere special? Think carpets of bluebells in spring, woods with beautiful leaves in autumn or a wild and rugged coastline in the winter can all be fantastic.

Once you’ve chosen your venue, it’s worth doing a little research. You don’t want to turn up at your favourite spot only to find that the village show is in full swing or a 10k run has brought hundreds of extra people to your chosen location!

Then, have a good chat with your photographer. Discuss the style of photos that you want and any ideas that you’ve had for the shoot. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what you want to do because your photographer will be able to guide you here. They might suggest going for a short walk or even using a few props to get the look that you want.


It’s also worth thinking about what you’re going to wear. You know your own style and you know what suits you so there’s no need to wear anything that you feel uncomfortable in. Also, from a practical perspective, certain things just work better for an outside shoot so if you’re at home in jeans and wellies, go for it!


Lastly, enjoy your engagement shoot. It’s time for the two of you in the midst of the pre-wedding madness. Make the most of the opportunity to just be outside and enjoy each other’s company. Why not pack a picnic for after the shoot or book yourselves a lunch date? Your outside engagement shoot should definitely be a day to look forward to!


Until next time,

Amanda x

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