What You Need to Consider When Hosting Live Music at Your Wedding- By Bespoke Party Bands

We do love planning posts on The Outside Bride, because lets face it there is far more that goes into planning a wedding then we anticipate most of the time. Todays post is a clear example of an important aspect of your day, which requires more thought than sometimes given credit, so we are tackling the most frequently asked questions. Written by the lovely Heloise from Bespoke Party Bands, who has a great deal of experience within the music industry, offers inside knowledge on what you need to think about before booking live music for your outdoor wedding.

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Heloise says: Great music is the key to any great party, and some of the best live music events happen outside.
Experienced venues and planners will know what’s needed to host live music outside, but when you are in the early stages of planning your outdoor event or taking on the responsibility yourself then here is your ‘must check’ list before you book the band.

If you want to host live music outside, the first thing you must do is check that they have the right permission for amplified music.
Some venues are close to residential areas and have strict curfews on live music, or don’t allow it at all! Others use sound limiters which will cut the electricity if the music gets above a certain volume.
Most live bands can adjust to any of these conditions by providing acoustic music or rehearsing their set against a sound limiter prior to your event. The key for you as a host, is to find out what is and isn’t allowed at your venue, so you can then find a suitable band. If you want a full live band, there are plenty of outdoor venues that do allow them with no restrictions!

Bespoke Party Bands

There must be a suitable and safe power supply available. This means two separate thirteen-amp sockets.
Whoever is setting up for the party should make sure the power supply is clearly labelled so as not to be unplugged – I’ve been at a party in a yurt where we have had this happen 3 times in 1 set, and it really kills the atmosphere!
Remember – If you are going with an acoustic live music option, you don’t need to worry about the power supply.


It’s always best to have some form of cover for the musicians and electrical equipment in case of downpour (assuming you are getting married in the UK). Even if the plan is for them to play outside, for say a cocktail hour, make sure there is a Plan B so the music doesn’t have to stop just because the sunshine does! If your outside music will be based in a Tipi, Yurt, Bell Tent or Marquee then this will be plenty of protection.

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As professional and efficient as the live band may be, setting up for a full evening performance does require space. Make sure the section you corner off as a stage area is big enough for the band to set up and perform without getting in the way of your guests.


Even if the wedding is outdoors, make sure there is a secure and warm space for your band to change from their travelling and loading clothes to performance attire. It’s likely that they will have a few hours waiting around too, so this space should be suitable for them to kill time in.


Make sure the band are made aware of any access issues, lots of outdoor stages won’t be accessible by foot and it is not reasonable to expect a full band to be able to carry all their gear and instruments half a mile across a field without being prepared. An experienced band can cope with a lot of unusual situations, but not if they aren’t made aware beforehand!

Happy outside party planning!


We would like to say a massive thank you to Heloise from Bespoke Party Bands for sharing her expert knowledge of Outdoor music events, to help guide brides in their planning. If you would like to find out more info to do with live music and the bands which Bespoke Party Bands have available for weddings, then head over to their website where you can find further information.

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