So you’re having an outdoor ceremony and want a backdrop that really stands out? Well we’re here to help! We’ll show you how we put together this awesome geometric backdrop for a recent Wes Anderson inspired styled shoot.

First up you need a stand or frame of some kind. Usually we use an adjustable photography frame but this time we wanted something a little different – sourcing a backdrop frame that was nice enough to form part of the feature. This is where Ami from Lo & Behold Bespoke came in. Lo & Behold Bespoke have a large number of props including a selection of frames & screens which are perfect for backdrops, either left as they are or decorated. Tip: look at local prop hire companies for a variety of backdrop options to start with. Knowing what frame you are using will give you a base to work with and will help when designing the other elements of your backdrop.

I chose to use the folding screen as we wanted a geometric feel to our backdrop and also because the panels gave me the perfect space to hang some handmade decorations. The fact that it is folded also means you can spread it out to cover a bigger area and add more impact.  For our Wes Anderson inspired shoot, we had it in a location where it acted as a fabulous window onto the gorgeous scenery behind!

Next up were the hanging geometric shapes. We love crafting from paper and card, and knew that for this shoot we wanted a mix of colours, shapes & dimensions. So we created 2D and 3D geometric shapes from card, and you can see our guide on how to make these shapes below. For the colour of the shapes we took more inspiration from Wes Anderson and his fab films, mainly Moonrise Kingdom & Grand Budapest Hotel with mustard yellow, rusty red, turquoise, pale pink & earthy green. These shapes were hung, using invisible thread, from various panes of the backdrop, mixing up the number used and the mix between 2D & 3D shapes. This mix was another nod to Wes Anderson and the use of contrasting shapes in his cinematography. We wanted geometry, but not symmetry.

Lastly for this backdrop we knew we wanted something more and so asked the fabulous florist on the shoot to create some flower arrangements to put at the foot of the backdrop. The Wild Fox created some wonderful loose, wild flower displays that we placed in front of the right hand side of the screen. Where there were flowers or foliage long enough we weaved them around some of the panels of the screen. This then gave the illusion of the screen just popping up amongst the flowers!

And there you have it. That is how we turned 3 different elements into one rather stunning outdoor ceremony backdrop!


So here’s how I made the shapes in the backdrop above

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Photo credit: Kirsty Mackenzie Photography

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