If you’ve been pinning examples of fabulous photography to your wedding Pinterest board, it’s very likely that you’ll have ‘golden hour’ images in your selection. These are the gorgeously romantic images that are so popular on blogs and on Instagram as well as being loved by couples around the world. To plan your own golden hour images and to make sure that you get the wonderful outside shots that you’ll love forever, read on…

The first thing that you need to know is – when is golden hour? Typically the light is best in the hour before sunset so the first thing that you need to do is work out when this will be on your wedding day. Armed with that information, you can look at the schedule of your day and make sure that you’ve got time to escape with your partner during that special hour.  To free up some time after your wedding breakfast, you could move your cake cutting until a little later in the evening for example. Speak to your venue or caterer and create a time plan for your day that will make sure you’ve available at the right time.

With your schedule sorted, speak to your photographer about the shots that you want. It might be that you’ve got a location in mind or you might appreciate a little advice and guidance. Fields, gardens, copses and woodlands all look amazing during golden hour and the light around rivers and lakes at this time is also exquisite so take a look online for some inspiration.

Whilst you’re looking for inspiration for locations, also look at the various styles of golden hour photography out there. Of course, the majority are romantic but there are, of course, many ways of being romantic. Do you want to go for ‘traditional’ style photos? Will you include props such as balloons or smoke bombs? What style appeals most to you? Save the images that you like and share them with your photographer so that they know what you want.

For some couples, the prospect of being in front of the camera in this way can feel a little awkward so if you’re able, do have a pre-wedding shoot with your photographer. These shoots are invaluable because you’re able to spend time with your photographer before the big day and this can really help you relax on your wedding day. You’ll be able to talk about any worries, your photographer can give you advice and guidance and you’ll all be able to learn how to work together to get great photographs. Your photographer will be able to see what shots and angles work best for you and you’ll gain confidence from seeing the fantastic photos that you get from your shoot.

Finally, enjoy your golden hour photography session. This could quite well be the only time that the two of you get away from all your guests on your wedding day and although you’ve got your photographer with you, make the most of your time together. Do whatever you want, be silly, be romantic and simply do whatever feels right. If your photographer can capture you both as you truly are, you’ll have amazing photos that you’re sure to adore.

Until next time,

Amanda x

Amanda Karen Photography

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