Finding the best locations for your outdoor wedding photography 

When you’re getting married outside, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to great locations. The great outdoors provides such a wide range of backdrops and the best thing is that they offer you something different as the seasons pass. As much as it would be lovely to spend your wedding day exploring your venue, time pressures mean that you need to have chosen a few locations for your photographs in advance. If you’re looking around your venue to find the best spots for photography, here are a few things to keep in mind to help you find the best locations.

Firstly, think about the style of your wedding. What backdrops best suit you and your wedding day? If you’ve gone for an English country garden theme, floral backdrops look amazing. A more rustic day might include fields full of crops whilst a woodland wedding obviously needs trees! You’ll have chosen your wedding style for a reason so make sure that your photography matches up.

Then, think about locations that mean something to you. It could be that you’re getting married on your family farm and there’s a certain spot that you’ve loved since you were a child. This would have to be on your list of photographic locations! You might adore the view from a certain location, you might have a special connection to a certain place or you might just love the colours or overall look of a location so try and include this spot in your plans too.

Another thing to think about is the light in the location that you’ve chosen. In summer, a slightly shaded location can give wonderful photos and protect you from the heat of the sun. Locations in full sun can leave people in the photo squinting and, if they’re out for a while, getting rather hot! However, in the autumn or spring, the sun isn’t so harsh and full sun can be better. Talk to your photographer and see what they suggest.

You might also like to choose a number of locations for photos so that your photographer can decide on the day which one will work best. It’s also worth thinking about a location for photography if the weather isn’t as you’d hoped.

It’s also worth considering the amount of time that you have available for photos in your wedding day schedule. If you’ve got 30 minutes for couple’s photos after dinner for example, choosing a location that’s a 10 minute walk away might not be the best idea. Of course, if this is THE spot that you want, you might need to adjust your timings. Speak to your photographer here – how long do you realistically need to factor into your plans to get the shots that you want? It’s far better to leave a little more time in the plans than it is to be rushing on the day.

Finally, the best location for your wedding photos will always be the one that you love. If you want to be somewhere a little different or a little unexpected, go for it. Your photographs should reflect you so choose a location that you love.

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Amanda x

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