Last week we explored the finer details when planning an eco-friendly wedding, this week we are conquering the all important fundamental aspects by which the rest of the wedding will revolve around such as the venue. Whilst being eco-friendly is commendable on many levels, it is worth remembering that it may not always mean it is a cheaper option, for example eco-friendly loo’s can be rather glamorous now, not necessarily the composting toilet which many of us imagine out in a field somewhere confined to a wood clad box behind a tree (although a very good option, if maintained nicely!). Times are moving forward so lets embrace some of those alternative eco-friendly options now available.


If you are an ultra DIY outside bride who is building their wedding from the ground up, you will most likely be looking for a beautiful field with gorgeous views in which to start! Thats great and means you can have a full control over your eco- impact. However if a complete blank canvas gives you cold sweats, then you might want to start looking for a venue which can accommodate some of the basics to get you going.

Braziers Park in Oxfordshire for example, is a great option for couples looking for freedom to create their own special day in an eco-friendly way. It has a grade two listed building, out buildings, camping, 55 acres of land, organic kitchen garden and livestock all run by a collective who only lease the venue a limited days out of the year for weddings.
Limiting weddings/events gives the fields time to recover which is worth remembering when speaking to venues who may not take bookings every weekend, this mean they likely book up a lot quicker.

Braziers park 

Structure/ Tent

By getting to know your supplier you will be able to tell how seriously they take their carbon footprint. fancy tentacles for instance have recently taken part in the eco festival Shambala which has reduced its carbon footprint by 80%, meaning trusted suppliers such as smokey tentacles must represent an eco-friendly approach. You can very much trust a supplier by their portfolio of work and what they choose to associate themselves with, having had 10 years experience in the industry you can be reassured that these beautiful moroccan marques will be memorable and sustainable.  It pays to do your homework and this should always be something worth researching when considering your outside venue.

Moroccan tent

If you are looking for a slightly more traditional marquee then Vintage is a great option (Not just the wedding dress)! Alternative Events offers a stunning large vintage style tent, made from natural cream canvas and sustainably sourced wood poles. Alongside this alternative events offers styling, and a fully licensed bar, which you can bet is eco-friendly too! So its definitely worth seeing what else your suppliers could offer.

Jodie says ” Outdoor weddings usually require quite a lot of power by the time you have organised your lighting, music and a bar set up. We are one of the few companies that can provide solar power for your event, and make it as light on the environment as possible.”

vintage marquee


It might sound obvious but when it comes to being eco-friendly with food remember the seasons and buy local, buy organic, buy fair-trade & free range where possible when it comes to catering. There are many catering specialists who are very proud of where their food comes from and how its grown, so just ask if you are not sure. The great thing about buying local is you are supporting local farmers as well as ensuring freshness from farm to doorstep.

organic food

Lets not forget alcohol at a wedding! Unless you live in France, Italy or Spain sourcing locally might be slightly tricky, and even then what to do with all the bottles? Companies such as More Wine massively decreases the need for recycling by preventing the import of 1000s of unnecessary glass bottles each and every month.  All of their delicious wine is low-intervention; most is additionally certified organic, biodynamic or considered to be natural. By lowering the transport and packaging costs (Using collectable pouches, plywood boxes etc) More Wine decrease the carbon footprint of the wine import by up to 80%. WOW!

Worried about glasses? More Wine can help there too…The Govino ‘glassware’ (actually BPA free plastic) which is reusable, elegant and shatterproof can make your event entirely glass free.

echo alcohol


If you need the odd luxury on your field and a compost toilet is a grey area, then there are companies like ZooLoo’s which now use clever Jets vacuum technology, creating a naturally kinder experience without releasing harmful chemicals into the air and using minimal water to help the environment.



Should you need to travel from one venue to another, make it fun! Try and think outside the box by grabbing your bike as an alternative means of transport, with all of your guests. It will certainly create some brilliant images to reflect on whist saving on carbon emissions.

Photo credit- Rob Combe-Lyme Bay Photography


If you can avoid the use of power in your wedding then thats fantastic! Focus on natural light for the day time, eco- friendly candles and fire pits in the evening, whilst dancing the night away to an acoustic band come night fall. However if you do need power for live music, your energy saving light bulbs or any number of unsuspecting areas you may not have thought of, then you can hire green power generators to cater your event and help in this department.

light bulbs

Creating an Eco-Friendly wedding can be incredibly challenging, you may face issues which might seem a lot simpler if you could only use power. However you are by no means limited when it comes to eco-friendly options avaliable. Even if you choose to change just a few minor details to eco-friendly options at your wedding, then in the bigger scheme of things we will all be playing a small part in making a better environment for future generations.

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