DIY Macramé

You might think Macramé is a flashback of the 70’s, and you are not wrong (well slightly… Its actually dates back centuries), but like all great trends they come back around soon enough, this time however Macramé is not going anywhere quick. The hand crafted rustic effect of Macramé has made its way back into our home interiors and now our wedding decor and I must say we are a fan! When we asked our network of outside brides what they would like to learn most, Macramé came out on top with overwhelming enthusiasm. From fancy plant pot holders, chair sashes, and stunning Macramé archways the creative ideas in which to implement this brilliant knot is somewhat endless. So this week we have been working with the lovely Nadia from Refresh Restyle Weddings on how we go about creating our own Macramé, meaning all you beautiful outside brides can start putting your very own twist on your creation.

After all, what is a DIY wedding without a little Macramé to accompany the day?…

Nadia thankfully unlike ourselves is an expert at all things creative with your hands, and creates beautifully quirky, unique and original pieces in which to style your wedding. Macramé is just one of a long list of crafty skills she has ready to show you when you ask, but for today Nadia has kindly started us off with creating one of those very trendy plant pot holders you see everywhere and wish you knew where to pick one up. Great for hanging plants from the venue or adding candles in instead for your special day. As you become more advanced in Macramé you will be able to start applying this knowledge learned, to bigger projects like the backdrop I mentioned earlier.

Don’t worry if you struggle to get it straight away, you can alway look back over the instructions which Nadia has created for you below until makes sense. Best of Luck!

If you would like to take a closer look at a page, double click for the page to pop out. Similarly if you would like to go forward or back you can just click the arrows on the page.

If you give macramé a go, be sure to send us some pictures as we would love to see how you got on!

Big thank you to Nadia from Refresh Restyle Weddings for breaking down step by step how to make macramé.

Thank you for reading Hannah x



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