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While the initial stages of wedding planning can be the most exciting, for many couples, it is easy to get lost in the Pinterest mood board frenzy. With the trends forever changing and the amount of imagery we are exposed to on a daily basis forever increasing, themes, colour schemes and table decor soon becomes a blur of confusion. Much like with interiors, it is ok to miss match styles on your big day and an eclectic mix of old and new is often the decor which really stands out when drawn together. 

At Nikkita Palmer Designs we very often source interesting pieces which then gain a use later on. Don’t be afraid or put off if something you like that does not have a purpose straight away, hire and styling companies will often incorporate these pieces in unusual ways adding emotive storylines to your decor. As a starting point, source out goods from close friends and family, try searching old sheds, farms and barns and you really will be surprised by what you find. For example we have a range of pieces which we have inherited down from our grandparents, parents and close relatives and these are the pieces which really add personality and a distinctive style to your decor.

Again don’t be afraid to discuss themes and layouts with prop hire suppliers, even with our dry hire clients, we love to get a feel for the theme of the day as it enables us to pick out pieces which really work. If like me, most creatives are also super excited by pieces you’ve already sourced yourself and will happily advise on how they think they could work. Many couples struggle to source larger pieces such as supply tables, sweet carts and bars, but with these main larger pieces in place, it becomes much easier to accessories and build a theme personal to you. (This is where it is far more cost effective to hire than purchasing) 

If it’s more of hand made feel you’re going for but you don’t know where to start, try workshops or creative days. Invite close friends to create your table centrepieces or other wedding memorabilia like flower crowns for your bridesmaids. This is a great way to get everyone involved and will be much more cost effective than buying or paying someone to create the pieces for you. These types of events can even be tied in with hen or stag do’s! (Have a look at our recent post on Alternative hen weekend)

Nikkita’s Top 5 current must have’s:

  1. Box of Tricks: An absolute key ingredient to any wedding day decor prep is a box of tricks. This consists of a survival kit of things like cable ties, string, scissors, blue tack, pin, tacks, hammer, glue etc etc. At Nikkita Palmer Designs we carry our box of tricks EVERYWHERE!
  2. Vintage Doilies: I inherited these from my Grandma and they came from across my family. These can be used for table decor, bunting or cake stands.
  3. Tapered Dinner Candles: Available in a wide range of colours to work with your theme, these are great for adding height and warmth to your decor, whether throughout the room or on tables. Try pairing with brass vessels and candle stick holders for a real bohemian feel.
  4. Boho Chill Out Areas: We adore a reception chill out zone and they can be created very simply with some blankets, seating and candles. Our Moroccan bean bags are a key part of our boho chill out zones but we also love a traditional English theme with big comfy armchairs.
  5. Gin Bar: With Gin becoming a very trendy tipple amongst several generations, a Gin Bar is a great way to entertain your guests and add a little personality to your reception. Try sourcing locally made Gin’s which come in a wide range of flavours. You’ll soon have the family cocktail maker eager to get going! 
Outdoor Wedding Decor- flowers

Lastly, the most important thing is to enjoy the process of creating and sourcing your wedding decor. With such a wide range of pieces now available, it is essential to create a space which reflects you and the adventure you’re about to embark on. 

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Photography: Blossom and Stan Photography 

Props: Nikkita Palmer Designs (Prop Hire) 

Flowers: Town Garden Hitchin 


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