It has taken us a bit of a while to write this blog. Not because we haven’t had anything to say but ultimately during this time of complete and utter uncertainty there is a lot of noise out there and we haven’t wanted to contribute to that. However Coronavirus and your wedding is a big deal especially if your wedding date looks set to be in the next 2-3 months.

Today I was invited onto BBC Radio Solent to talk to a groom who had called in to ask whether he should cancel his May wedding. I thought this would be an opportune time to relay to you all what I relayed to him. Ultimately I do not work for the government, I’m not sitting in on any of the Cobra meetings happening behind closed doors and I don’t have a magic wand however there are a few things I would love to highlight with you…

Don’t cancel immediately.

One of the first things I want to say is don’t shoot from the hip. There is so much media speculation right now and too many sensationalist headlines. Remove the noise and focus only on what official sources are telling you. At the time of writing this post the Government has not yet officially banned all mass gatherings. Yes this may be subject to change in a matter of days or even hours however at this point you have NOT been told to cancel your wedding.

If you have wedding insurance in place and you personally choose to cancel your wedding because you are uncertain of the best course of action rather than your venue or suppliers cancelling you will not be able to claim on your wedding insurance. Don’t let that happen!

Its so very tricky, we know you are worried about what to do for the best, losing money and of course the safety of your guests but slow yourself down and think with your head rather than your emotions.


Open up lines of communication with your wedding venue and wedding suppliers.

During this time don’t forget that we are all in exactly the same boat. You are no doubt going to be worried about your wedding but trust me when I say that your wedding suppliers are just as worried!

Ultimately small businesses and their potential loss of earnings over the next few months is a terrifying position to be in. Your venue and suppliers are just an email or phone call away and they WANT to help you work out a plan B, its in their best interests too.

If it does look like the government are going to impose a full on lockdown over your wedding date then the first thing to do will be to talk to your venue about their policy on postponement. Although not ideal there may be the opportunity to move your wedding to later on in the year or 2021. Yes you may not want to, yes it may mean that your significant wedding date isn’t the one you want but ultimately safety and your health has to be paramount.

Continue to pay your suppliers within your contracts timelines

This is a big one. It may seem counter intuitive to pay out more money at this stage if you feel that your wedding is not going to go ahead, however if you have a contract in place with your supplier and you’ve got payment deadlines that occur before any shut down and you refuse to pay then you are going to be in breach of contract. Legally you may find yourself in hot water after this all blows over [ which it will at some point] Don’t give yourself even more stress.

Again, if you are unsure with where you stand and what to do speak to your supplier. It may be that if you postpone your wedding new payment terms  can be made. If you bury your head in the sand and don’t discuss it then thats where conflict will arise.


Think sensibly and logically about the steps you take in the coming weeks and months. Weddings are an incredibly emotional and stressful time even when a worldwide pandemic isn’t happening!!! We are all allowed to have a bride/groomzilla moment and oh my, in the face of Covid- 19 nobody would blame you. That being said we all need to get some perspective. The world is going through a gigantic crisis, the biggest this generation has ever seen. The media may tell us one thing but ultimately we have no idea what is really happening. As for Coronavirus and your wedding? Lets start thinking about your plan B and work with your team so that you can still have the best day ever be it now or a little later down the line.

Health must come first.

If you want to chat to a member of the team about anything regarding your wedding and how to put a contingency plan in place [ particularly if yours is  a DIY or outdoor wedding] then do be sure to contact Emily or Alan, we’re here to help!

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