How To Make Your Very Own Christmas Wreath…

Its official we are in December ladies and gents, and today we are exactly three weeks away from Christmas! Now I don’t know about you… But we love a bit of Kirstie’s Home Made Christmas here on The Outside Bride, it always inspires us to get a little creative around the festive season, and as you know DIY is a very large part of outdoor weddings. All things considered… What better time to share with you, than some top tips on how to create your very own Christmas wreath! Aside from saving yourself a few pennies, you can hang them traditionally on your front door, or they make great table centrepieces for a winter wedding. There are countless ways in which you can utilise a wreath, you can even hang them on the back of the bride and grooms chair. With so many options you are not just limited for Christmas if you choose to switch up the Ivy and fern for flowers and foliage.  

Wreaths can be as simple of as complex as you wish to make them. To start off its worth knowing that there are around six different types of Wreath form…Styrofoam, straw,  grapevine, wire clamp style, Oasis wet foam and box wired. There are many variations in sizes and shapes but they can all be found easily online somewhere like Amazon or your local home and garden store. 14″ to 18″ inch size frames are a nice size to consider…

How you create your wreath will vary depending on the base you choose, but for today we are going to opt for a box wire base.

In addition you will need

  • Floral Wire 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue Gun (optional)
  • Wire cutter tool
  • Your selection of foliage, moss, berries, ribbons, pine cones, anything which you would like to use.

1. Place the base flat on the table, with the curve of the box wire facing down (The frame is designed to take an inner core of saturated moss, wrapped as you add the greenery, but this method is not necessary if the greens are fresh and conditioned).

2.Gather small handfuls of your chosen foliage, trim a little off if necessary and bind together using floral wire near the bottom of the stem. Make sure your bundles are not too small so as to make your wreath look thin, use stems of different lengths to make it look thicker.

3. Place the bundle in the direction of the box wire circle, hold the bundle with one hand whilst wrapping more floral wire to the box wire base. The wire should wrap around the lower base of the bundle, with the majority loop at the base.

4. Repeat all the way round until the frame is complete with as many bundles as it needs to create the desired look.

5. When tying off the last bundle, place the foliage under the first stems which you started with, remember the wreath can be teased and pruned after to make it look balanced.

6. Complete with ribbon, and if you would like to use a glue gun to help attach additional extras by all means get creative. You could add feathers, bells, ball balls the list is endless.

We hope you give making your very own Christmas wreath a got this festive season, if you would like tips on foraging then we can help there too, with our post released this Autumn.

Feel free to send us any pic’s when your done.

Thanks for reading

Hannah X


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