It must be said that it has been a while since we last received a yurt wedding here on The Outside Bride, so when this one landed in our inbox from Nicola Dawson Photography, we could barely contain our excitement. We were not disappointed by any stretch of the imagination, and so we could not be more thrilled to share with you today the absolutely stunning wedding of Becky & Omar, based in the idylic village of Farthinghoe in Northampton. The sun shone down on a picturesque landscape with a wedding packed full of perfect hand made details from the dress to the wedding cake and on a side note… Just check out those WELLIES! Gosh there are so many wonderful attributes to this special day (like the bring your own picnic… Genius!) that I am just going to stop here so you can see the rest for yourselves… 

Nicola Dawson photography describes Beck & Omar’s day in detail saying  There were so many personal touches. In the morning her bridesmaids handpicked wild flowers from the site to decorate the picnic tables, the confetti had been made by her mum from petals from her own garden, the theme for the tables were Mario characters from their favourite game and then there was the dress which was beautifully made by Becky’s mum. It was simple yet stunning with an elegant low cut back. Worn simply with gold Havianas, it was just perfect for the feel of the day.” 


Read Becky & Omar’s story below…

Tell us a little bit about your dress and its details?
I really wanted a floaty bohemian style hippy dress (I lost count of how many searches on Pinterest I did for “bohemian wedding dress”). So it ended up being just that. My back is one of my favourite features (excluding the tan lines!) so I always wanted backless. I have absolutely zero boobs so fancy necklines would never work on me. I just loved the simpleness of my dress and it was so light – perfect for dancing and playing rounders!

Who was your dress designer and boutique?
My mum made my dress – which I love! She made her own dress 35 years ago too. I couldn’t find anything simple enough in the shops that I liked. She claims it was stressful but I know she loved every minute making my dream dress – although she is still finding sequins around the house 4 months later…

Could you give us a little detail about any of your accessories?
I had a reverse necklace that draped down my back and I actually just picked up my other necklaces from Topshop the day before on a whim!

Tell us a little bit about your bridesmaids/ groomsmen/ flower girls/ page boys.
My Bridesmaids were all school friends (I’ve known them all about 18 years) plus my sister who flew in from Germany. My flower girl was our niece, Leena. Omars groomsmen are all friends from Milton Keynes, including his best man Sandeep who he knew since college (ahem, a LONG time ago…)

Grooms Attire
Omar picked his outfit from Topshop with the braces coming from H&M. He is well known amongst friends for wearing a flat cap so he wanted to wear something a bit different, and once he came across a bowler hat, there was no convincing him otherwise! I think he looked great!

Who did your make-up and hair?
We all did our own hair and make up with one of my Bridesmaids being an absolute demon with plaits – took on the hairdresser role. I don’t generally wear that much make up so find I look weird when other people cake it onto me and I end up looking like a drag queen! I was so excited to do my gold glitter eyeshadow though.

Did you work within a Budget? If so how did you allocate it?
We didn’t really have a budget as such, but we were determined to make it as cheap as possible – we like going on holidays and didn’t want to spend precious holiday money on throw away material stuff 🙂 it came in at around £9k in the end.

Could you describe your ceremony and details?
My sister played us down the path next to the lake from Our Bridesmaid yurt on her guitar (teenage dirt bag – she’s a great singer) and my Aunty (who is usually a funeral celebrant!) did an amazing job of delivering such a funny personalised service. She is actually now taking wedding bookings as a result of our wedding! 

Did you have any specific readings?
Omars sister Suemyya did a lovely reading she’d chosen and as my nan couldn’t make the ceremony, (my cousin had her on facetime through out the whole thing!) my Aunty Katie read a special letter from my nan to us.

Stationery details?
Again, it was pretty basic, we just had a few lanterns and our centre pieces/table names were Mario Kart stuffed toys due to our endless Mario sessions with the best man.

Can you tell us about your reception venue?
The reception was in the field next to the lake – it was a perfect size for a stretch tent, a bouncy castle and room for games and dancing! We put out bunting up everywhere and fairy lights – we kept decor to a minimum.

Other details and decor, were there any personal touches?
Omar loves fairy lights and spent about 3 hours the day before decorating the whole site in battery powered lights. We got them really cheap in bulk from a wholesaler online. My mum also made all 150m of bunting. Whenever anyone went to visit her, she’d get them cutting out material or ironing triangles – it was quite a workforce in action!

What did you do for food?
Cheekily, we got everyone to bring their own picnic! You’ve heard of BYOB… we invented BYOP! Some people even ordered in dominoes which we loved. I’m delighted to say that my first meal as a married couple was a chicken salad out of a lunch box and a chocolate frijj milkshake! We did spend a bit of cash on getting Krispy creme doughnuts as favours for everyone – custard flavour, omars favourite. Later we had a “MAC to the Future” food van come to feed us the most amazing mac and cheese we’ve ever eaten. The owner is the fiancé of one of my Bridesmaids and he was just GREAT! He received a lot of compliments on his food!!

What was your cake like?
Again, enter my hero of a mum! She made 3 different flavours of chocolate brownie. We ate a LOT of chocolate brownie on the run up to ensure the flavours were perfect and that they wouldn’t melt in the heat – they even had their own air conditioning unit behind the stand! (the stand was home made out of a saucepan rack…)

Flowers and Florist details
Bloomers of Brackley. I’m so glad I decided to have flowers in the end because they really added a touch of brightness to the whole day. I love sunflowers (and they just so happen to be really cheap…) and the florist did such a lovely job of our bouquets and buttonholes (which, my dad forgot to wear…)


Where did you save money and how did you splurge?
Apart from the venue, the things we splurged on most were the barn dance and our amazing photographer Nicola! We wanted to make sure our day was captured perfectly and we lived her work. On the flip side, we completely scrimped on decor… And my dress cost about £100 to make so that was a huge saving.

What did you do for entertainment?
We hired a barn dance band which was GREAT fun. Even when we tripped the power later, everyone was in such good spirits that we carried on anyway! My sister the played an acoustic set by the campfire later on while we All toasted marshmallows on the fire pit.

Tell us briefly how you both met as a couple?
We are both fitness freaks and met at the gym. We were both boxing, I asked to use his round timer and the rest is history! We trained together for around 4 or 5 months and chatted until 1 in the morning at the gym until finally he asked me on an actual date…

Please share a little bit about the proposal?
We were in Greece on a yacht – we’d been having sailing lessons for a week. We were moored up in the harbour for the night looking at the stars through the cabin window and he asked. (I actually hate how cheesy that sounds!!) I think I asked him if he was serious about 10 times before he pulled a ring out and I said yes.

What are your top tips for other couples getting married outdoors?
I would say plan for rain and sun is a bonus. Have plans in place in case it does bucket down – especially if your venue is in England! And rent plenty of blankets – even in the summer it’s so cold in the evening. However we were insanely lucky with the weather with our wedding falling in the middle of the June heatwave. I think in reality im not entirely sure our tent would have sufficed in the rain!! But I DID have my gold hunter wellies.

With special thanks to Becky & Omar for sharing your gorgeous wedding day with us, we wish you a life time of happiness, may the sun always shine on you both. In Addition thanks also to Nicola Dawson Photography who has captured the most beautiful window into Becky and Omar’s day.


Photography: Nicola Dawson photography 

Venue: Love 2 yurt

Rings: Love From England

Celebrant: [email protected]

Bridal Designer: Mum AKA Super Woman

Grooms Attire: Topshop & H&M

Hair & Make up: Bridesmaid

Cake: Mum AKA Super Woman

Catering: Mac to the future food van 

Flowers: Bloomers of Brackley 

Glitter make up: Festival face paint


Thanks for reading

Hannah x


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