Adventurous couple Jen and Chris managed to perfectly match their love of the great outdoors to their wedding with a ceremony in front of their closest family and friends in the desert! The beautiful bride Jen tells us all about it..

We met back in 2006. I had just gotten a job at Mercury Insurance in San Diego, CA where Chris had been working for a couple of years. We were both dating other people at the time, but we turned into really good friends. When I had eventually broken up with my boyfriend, Chris was also single. But, the last thing I wanted to do was get into another relationship. So, nothing really happened back then. I found a different job and we kind of fell out of touch.

Flash forward to 2010 and I hit up Chris to see how he was doing. We started hanging out again. Both of us were single. We had both changed a lot and the timing was better for both of us. That is when we started dating. Chris and I both love the outdoors, but I had never been camping. Aqua Caliente campgrounds was the first place he took me to. The desert is one of his favourite places, but I had never been. After the first camping trip, I was in love with this place. Great hiking, beautiful scenery, and the hot springs. I mean, come on!! When we were living down in San Diego, we would go out to the campgrounds often, just to get away for the weekend. So, when it came time for a venue, we decided since we were keeping it very low key that we should have it there. It had been almost 4 years since we had been there. It felt so perfect once we arrived.

As far as the proposal goes, we had already been dating for six years and living together for five. We actually discussed getting married and that made me want to search for rings. When I had found the right one, he bought it for me. But, he didn’t let me see it when it arrived. We found this awesome deal for a trip to Iceland! I had seen photos on the internet of a wedding in Iceland and always kind of wanted to run off to Iceland and elope, but have really great photos. We really wanted our parents there and I had to have my BFF be there. Iceland seemed a little impractical to have our family and BFF’s come out to, so we decided to just go there on a trip anyway. It can kind of be a pre-wedding honeymoon. We were there for 3 days and we were out exploring the entire time, except to sleep and eat. Chris proposed to me on the 2nd day, when we were doing the self drive around the Golden Circle. We were in Pingvellir National Park and had just taken a short walk down to Oxararfoss (waterfall) through this awesome fissure (right on the tectonic plate boundaries of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge). I mean, the place was AMAZING!!! We were so blown away. This place is a geological wonder. You should check it out. I recommend Iceland to everyone that loves to travel. 🙂

We were on our way back to the car when we had stopped to take in one last look at our surroundings. Before I knew it, Chris was holding my hand, getting down on one knee and busted out my ring. In a way, I figured he would propose in Iceland, but at the time, I was not even thinking about it. So, I was still a little surprised.

Once we returned from our trip we planned our wedding right away. As stressful as it was, all I was thinking about was my wedding day and just being back in the desert and being at our favorite campsite and sharing that magical place with our family and closest friends. Everything turned out fabulously and I couldn’t have been more pleased with all our hard work!

Thank you so much to Jen and Chris for sharing their special day with us. We love how this adventurous couple managed to perfectly incorporate their own passions into such an incredible wedding. It made it so very personal! Congratulations!

Much Love

Emily xx 



Photographer Trista Maja Photography

Venue Agua Caliente Country Park

Caterer Dos Bandidos

Cake Cupcakes Squared

Floral designer 2 Blushing Blooms

Hair and MUA Hair and a Makeup by Kelly Scripps

Hand made good designer-  Haley Pawp

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